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, on ext3, will it be as easy as on ext2? xangua: well, i guess that's the reason or.. just reinstall ubuntu webbb, does ubuntu have drivers available for your graphics card? xangua: and it's a lot of work. thanks for your help though! ljsoftnet: yes the driver is already loaded webbb, which one? webbb, you have to have nvidia driver selected in "additional drivers" ljsoftnet: it is the binary one nvidia and yes it is selected webbb, you dont need to select it from the additional drivers webbb, the one in the menu is already loaded ljsoftnet: as a whole, yes. Every architecture has their own flavor of CLI. There is a tool to generate the debian install script for every arch: How to fix a 'broken' Ubuntu CD? I have bad sectors, so I can't boot. no_gravity, i want the fastest CLI, all available penthief: use a different computer or usb flash drive I can boot from USB. Penthief: You'll have to use a different computer, boot from USB, then mount your hard drive and copy the contents somewhere else, then reinstall. penthief, you can press f6 and edit your boot line The only OS I have is Ubuntu. penthief, and then add nomodeset to it ljsoftnet: Where is that? penthief, press F6 during the boot sequence, press esc and add nomodeset to your kernel line penthief, that means you'll have to press esc for a second and add nomodeset to the kernel



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