You Don't Need A Phone To Hear From God

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

By Charity Pfeiffer

Hearing words and seeing pictures directly from God has always fascinated me. There is an intimacy and excitement I experience when He speaks to me that I don’t receive anywhere else. That experience increases my belief and grows my hunger for Him.

When I was younger, I was continually discouraged by how easily some seemed to receive God’s voice, but I’ve learned that the more I practice listening with patience, the more I hear Him. One issue that I still struggle with when sensing God’s voice is questioning if it’s Him, or if I’m just making stuff up. I can’t tell you how many times I have had these crazy, random scenes unfold in my head, but in my embarrassment and confusion, never shared them. During youth a couple months ago, we were asked to sit in silence and wait for God to speak to us. My mind began unraveling this wacky story that included bunnies and alligators and as each one shared the pictures and words they received, I had this urging, yet embarrassment, to share mine. I finally mustered up the courage and to my amazement, someone shared it was an encouragement directly to them! It made me realize that no picture is too crazy or insane for God and that the only way you’ll know if it’s Him is if you give it a go.

I have seen a lot of growth in my relationship with God as I’ve continued to trust Him in what I hear and I’ve realized that the more I step out of my comfort zone, the more faith I have to keep doing it.

A couple weeks ago I was praying for a woman I had just met and the word “back” popped into my head. I didn’t say anything, convinced it was me until a friend next to me starting speaking blessings over this woman’s back. This gave me courage to pray for her back too and afterwards, the lady told us that she had been struggling with back pain for thirty years and that she had just re-injured it the DAY BEFORE! She was in awe and so was I! I am still amazed at this confirmation from God and it makes me eager and excited to listen and step out in faith more!

Another recent story is when I met a woman who wanted prayer for her scheduled nose surgery. As I was praying, suddenly the word “knee” popped into my mind. Seriously God? We’re praying for her nose, not her knee. Whole different body part, God. Nonetheless, I started blessing the knee I had my hands on. As she and her husband were standing up to leave, I summed up the courage to ask them if either had knee issues. The wife looked at me in subtle shock and replied that although it had eased a bit, she had been struggling with knee pain for ten years in the very knee that I had my hands on!

Y’all, it can be scary to share, but the fruit that grows from it is incredibly worth the few minutes of anxiousness. One of my favorite things about Jesus is that He doesn’t need big and powerful people for His miracles, but those of us who are ordinary, hungry, and humble. Never once have I regretted sharing what He says to me!



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