By Eric Pfeiffer, Lead Pastor


Human creation began with a God who made Adam and Eve and blessed them to be fruitful and multiply, to reproduce the image of God’s family everywhere they spread and represent God’s mission (Genesis 1:26-28). This is God’s design. We were created to be His family on mission.

Before we were called to be Christians, we were created to be human beings. Before we were called to be the Church, God gave us the key vehicle that would help us function and flourish as humans—family. That’s why, no matter how dysfunctional families become, we keep trying to figure it out. It’s in our DNA.

I grew up in a broken family; most of us have to some degree or another. But when I became a Christian at 23-years-old, I found in the Bible a story of a God who won’t give up on who He created us to be – family on mission. No matter the brokenness and dysfunction of our own families or the family called the church; no matter how much we want to give up on it ; God passionately pursues His original purposes for us. He won’t quit and invites us to join Him in his resolve.

He didn’t create us to simply be church goers and tithers. Though these are good practices, they are meant to help us become who we were created to be. In our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, at our sporting events, on planes, and in the grocery store we are meant to be the visible presence of God, sharing His goodness with those we encounter. People are less and less interested in church, but all humans are searching for a better vision of what life can be than what they currently have. People are hungry for what they were created for – family on mission. For this reason Peter reminds us, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15) Peter is assuming we have lives that are so compelling others will want what we have!

Jesus is our good news and in turn we are suppose to be His good news to others so others will see Him in us and seek what we have. We have been reconciled to God’s family so others can also. We participate in God’s mission so others can also. We represent God’s divine family on the earth, engaged in His mission so others can find their way back to God’s family and find their place in the family mission. I believe this is the Great Commission.

Family on Mission is our way of seeking the life God created us for. Regardless of your season of life, whether you’re married, divorced, have children, what job you have, how much money you make, what car you drive (or don’t), your ethnicity, gender or age – God created you to be part of His family on mission and longs that we rediscover this way of life. Church services, small groups, life groups, Sunday school, bible studies, mission projects are all meant to help us reengage in who God made us as humans to be.

You and I were not created for church. We are the church. And we, The Church, are meant to be a picture of what God created human beings for.

For a fuller unpacking of what Family on Mission can be, check out Family on Mission by Mike and Sally Breen.

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