The "OUT" Life

By Kelsi Ozorio

The OUT Life is about our pursuit to bless people OUTside of our everyday circles of faith in Jesus. God loves to affect people by His goodness through you, and it’s actually super simple. The Bible says that God is Love, so loving someone is a way of simply giving them God’s presence. We can do this by asking God to make us aware and intentional with what He’s up to in the people we see throughout our day.

Recently at a coffee shop, I saw a girl who was being made fun of but I felt Jesus smiling over her instead. I asked God for bravery and then told her how Jesus felt about her. We ended up having a 20-minute talk about her life, her questions about God, and then she prayed to accept Jesus into her life! Another time, our Missional Community passed out popsicles and prayer at a park. We had fun conversations and even watched God heal a middle school student’s hand. We’ve made cookies & prophetic cards for our favorite grocery workers and neighbors. I’ve also had several prayers and good conversations with my Grandpa (who finally said yes to Jesus just hours before he passed). God is cheering us on to engage the world with His Kingdom!

We don’t have to wait until the next mission trip or service project to see God use us in big ways. We can jump in to living life “on mission” in our everyday with the people God puts in front of us. Even Jesus served, loved, healed, and brought good news to people as He went. Now, He’s equipped you with the Holy Spirit and is cheering you on to represent Jesus wherever you go. A good start to your day might be waking with, “Good morning Jesus! What will we do or be about today? Highlight some people You’d like me to be aware of and partner You in blessing or encouraging somehow. Give me courage and love to live my day Your way. LET’S DO THIS!”

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