He STILL Does Wonders

On Saturday morning I had an email from "My Health"  at Sharp. I opened it to find the results of my mammogram showing a "6mm mass" in the left breast. 

Sunday morning during pre-service prayer, Judy Lester, Meredith Bowman, and Leslie Freeman prayed for healing, carry-through and testimony. During the worship service, the Youth Band led us in a song declaring God still does wonders and miracles, singing, "healing is coming in this room." 

CLICK to watch Julie's video testimony

Eric stopped the worship time to pray for physical healing for any who needed it. As several around me prayed over me, I felt a current flow into me and clear the mass. Eric asked for testimony of any who received healing and I raised my hand as a declaration before heaven and earth that I was healed. 

A little over a week later I went in for the ultrasound on the "mass" and the radiologist said there is nothing suspicious and we will do a recheck in six months.

All thanks to our Living Lord who does miracles today!

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