Emotions Happened.

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

By Geoffrey Mayne, Man Camp Participant

Men have a reputation. A reputation of being stoic, emotionless, and focused on sports (the one place they are not stoic and emotionless). If anyone wanted to see that reputation refuted, they should have seen what happened at Man Camp 2019.

This year's men's retreat at Palomar Christian Center. We gathered for a time of worship (thanks Michael!), teaching (thanks Chris!) prayer and discussion (thanks

everybody!) The theme was around Peter's discipleship under Jesus, and how Peter went through highs and lows, being praised one moment and chastised the next by the Lord of the Universe.

I went without expectation, except to encounter God and connect with other men.

I had a wonderful small group with a great mix of dudes. We wrestled with many things, from how to best interpret the teaching itself to listening to God on each other's behalf. Men were honest and open about where the world was feeling awry, where they saw God working, and where they felt God was absent.

Emotions happened.

Personally, I had the joy of having my teenage son attend. He was one of three young men who joined us. They enjoyed free time together, but also participated in all of the teaching and discussion, giving them a leg up as they grow spiritually as well as physically (did I mention my son is taller than me?) and helping them recognize that honesty and vulnerability will ultimately pay off. For myself, I revisited how God had spoken to me in previous prayer times, and I reclaimed the reality of what God has for me.

Oh, some guys had access to the internet, so that whole sports focus thing still happened when others were playing cards. I'm not a sports guy, but I understand that some people scored some points, resulting in a victory over other people who didn't score as many points. Yay team!

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