Diving into D2

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

By Noah Wardrip, Man Camp Participant

It was the first time I came across the tool and it is one that can be easily applied to all kinds of journeys in life, in order to realize all that God has for us.

My takeaway from the retreat was in relation to a stirring God has put in my heart for my co-workers at Qualcomm. Specifically, that he would use me to be a person of peace towards my co-workers, and ultimately that I would be able to share the gospel with them and be a spiritual brother.

The stirring/vision has been there, since the beginning...but I have always struggled to build the rapport and talk about spiritual things.

I've struggled to have the confidence to engage in such conversations in a natural way. I have had a few opportunities over the years to build friendships and get to a point where I could share my own beliefs and the gospel message, but it has been far and few between.

Over the summer, the desire to share the truth of the gospel with my co-workers was re-kindled as my family was part of a Commands of Christ group and a MomentumYes group. Even still, I lacked the boldness to step out in faith to build those relationships in natural ways.

During Man Camp, my desire to see my co-workers reached and my lack of confidence met head-to-head as we discussed an area in which felt we were “Consciously Incompetent” (D2).


Upon sharing with my wife Allison after retreat, we prayed together several mornings the following week before I left for work. I also had opportunity to share and pray with my Kairos group for boldness . That same week, God answered my prayers in an amazing way and provided an opportunity to share with one of my co-workers!

Quick background: My co-worker Ralph is one of the few people that I have a personal rapport with at work and has been on my heart to share with, especially since his time in the US is now drawing to a close. I would classify him as agnostic.

Now the good stuff: Ralph and I had lunch together Wednesday afternoon. During our conversation he asked how homeschool was going, as it is a foreign concept to him and he is fascinated by it. He has previously asked why we homeschool to which I've responded by sharing the value Allison and I place on being able to incorporate the Bible and our beliefs into what our kids are learning.

In the past, Ralph has just smiled and moved on to other topics. But this time, he asked how important my beliefs were to me. I could hardly believe how obvious it was that God answering my prayers and opening my colleague's heart to spiritual topics in that moment!

I took it as an open door and shared the gospel and was able to also discuss other difficult spiritual questions. I ended with an invitation, letting him know I’d love to further discuss additional questions he may have. Ralph responded positively and indicated he was open to further discussions 😊.

Please pray that God continues to work in Ralph's heart, raises more questions for discussion, and reveals Himself to my friend!

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