PRAYER SERVICE: During LENT we will join together every Sunday evening from 7-8PM in the Worship Center for prayer. The evening will be centered around the needs of family and friends and contending for the breakthrough Jesus has purchased for us. We know this will be a powerful and formative time and hope you can join us!

LENT FASTING GUIDE:  Fasting may be one of the most misunderstood of all the spiritual disciplines. It is also probably one of the hardest for most people. To that end, this guide will help you prayerfully think through your plan and take steps to make your fast simple and doable.

CONTEMPLATING THE CROSS:  Our very own Dr. Tricia Rhodes provides the tools to cultivate the cross within and the inspiration to accept the Father's summons to kneel in its shadow. Scripture and daily exercises gently nourish the spiritual traveler, while journal pages wait to hold the story of personal reflection.

"May God touch your deepest soul and brand you with the fire of His devotion as you contemplate the cross of Christ."  Tricia Rhodes